First off I will never sell any coins for less than I paid for them I will leave them for my kids and grand kids.

1. To contact me use the contact form link at the top in white saying User Registration & Admin contact form or click this link.

2.If you see an item make me an offer I am open to trades also for coins on my needed list and maybe others.

3.Payment can be made with postal money order, personal check or PayPal for any PayPal payments add an extra 2%. Use the contact form to ask me for my PayPal address.

4.All sales are final I will make no returns and will provide pictures of any item what you see is what you get. In some cases I will attempt to grade coins but I am no expert grader so use the pictures to make your own grading decision.

5.If you think you are interested in something make me an offer I am somewhat flexible.

6.No coins are kept at my physical address they are stored at a private location so it will take me a day to get any items you want.

7.I hope you enjoy collecting as much as I do take care and God Bless America. Semper fi