Well at the end of 2001 we bought our first RV and have been lucky enough to have been around the USA and Canada three times now. Then in 2007 we bought our second and we thought last RV. Around March of 2014 we were in South Texas for the winter and our daughter needed emergency surgery it was not life threatening but the wife flew home to help her.

I was glad she did that because I was having abdominal pain for a few weeks before she left but having had two spinal cord surgeries I thought the pain was from that.

So March 30th I started returning to PA on my third morning at an RV park I woke up feeling sick to my stomach thought I had the stomach flu. After an hour I was feeling better so thought I would drive up the road a little to another Rv Park I was in TN just got onto I81 and was 5 miles before my exit to the next RV Park when I felt real sick to my stomach. That was the last thing I remember till someone woke me up beside the road. It was good I passed out or I would have been hurt I did not even have a scratch on me. I went off the road ran over 10 pine trees totaled both the truck and RV and was A-Ok.

After getting back home long story I went to the ER and was told I had Diverticulitis wound up getting 15 inches of my large intestines cut out. Well I recuperated from that and we hit the road once again.

Then near the end of December 2016 I was diagnosed with Acute ALL Leukemia Philadelphia Positive the worst kind. The cancer doctor said I had maybe three months to live without a stem cell transplant. Well my guardian angel was watching over me once again as my sister and older brother were perfect stem cell matches. On Feb 22, 2017 I had a stem cell transplant and am still alive but have 15 more months of cancer treatment left.

I came close to dying twice so far from the cancer treatment as it is very hard on your body but hope to make it and start RVing again.

We would have never seen so much of the USA as we have if not for getting our 1st RV. When I thought I might die I said to myself sure glad I did not say maybe someday and got the 1st RV because if I did die we sure did see a lot of the USA.

So do not say someday have something you really want to go go for it.

Life's to short to spend it all in one place. Semper fi