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    RVMANS Web Site

    This is a private web site, however some areas are view able to the public. See the contact message on how to contact me if you are interested in something. This web site is also a message forum you can fill out the User Registration & Admin Contact form found above on the top left to contact me or request a login user name.

    I have a passion for RVing, fishing and coin collection. We have been avid RVers since 2001 and have been lucky enough to have traveled across the USA and Canada three times since 2001. However I am also a medically retired United States Marine.Having served in Vietnam and been stationed at Camp Lejeune twice and exposed to the contaminated drinking water I came down with Acute ALL Leukemia. Happt to report on Feb 22, 2017 I had a stem Cell transplant and so far am still alive however my treatment will take two years so our RVing travels came to a temporary halt. BUT we plan to travel in about another year we hope.

    I also love fishing and have fished all around the USA, mainly now I fish at Raystown Lake in Hesston PA.

    I have always loved coins just something about them they feel like real money and some are works of art. So in 1999 I started to collect coins.

    I hope to list some of our travel adventures in the future we are on our third fifthwheel trailer now.

    I also plan and host the American Veterans Appreciation Day sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Greater Blair County Chapter 967. It is held at Raystown Lake every September all veterans are invited.

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    For coin sales make me an offer prices are not set in stone.

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